About Lightbulb Radiology

I came up with the idea for Lightbulb Radiology after having helped several friends and family members with questions about their own imaging. I found that I was often able to give them a great appreciation for their imaging findings and help them understand what the results really meant in their given situation. This ultimately translated to better care for my loved ones.

The truth is that many times the radiologist, not the primary caregiver, is the person best equipped to discuss the importance of imaging findings with the patient. In addition, as imaging becomes more and more complex, you want to be sure that your test has been thoroughly read and that the findings have been correlated and synthesized appropriately with your symptoms and history.

In my years in health care, I have seen countless examples of how vital imaging is to making an exact diagnosis, and how critical it has become in tailoring treatment to the patient. I have also witnessed first hand how valuable it is for patients to understand their medical conditions as it helps them make the best possible lifestyle and healthcare choices.

My vision is to provide you with an easy way to have another physician interpret your imaging, and more importantly, explain these results to you. I am very excited to offer an enlightened perspective.

Rourke Stay, MD
Founder, Lightbulb Radiology