We Can Help If:

  • You recently had an imaging test and don’t know or understand the results.
  • There was a finding described on the study and you’re not sure if it relates to your symptoms.
  • You are not sure what (if anything) needs to be done about the results of a test.
  • You want the piece of mind that another doctor has thoroughly examined your images and has synthesized the exam in the context of your specific medical history and symptoms.
  • You want someone to explain your imaging test to you, and to answer your questions.
  • You want to understand your body better.
  • The potential for a scary or serious finding or diagnosis has been raised, and you want a better feel for the implications based on imaging.

We perform online radiology second opinion consults on almost all CT, MRI, x-ray, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine exams. Not sure if we can give a consult on your particular exam?

Still Not Sure?