We offer full live direct radiologist to patient consults on most imaging exams. These include the full range of MRI, CT, ultrasound, plain films, and nuclear medicine studies. Not sure if we offer the service for the test you’ve had? See our list of exams. Still not sure? Please contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-256-8354.
After ordering, you will be contacted in order to schedule a consult at a time convenient for you. Most consults are scheduled for a time within a week of ordering (unless otherwise requested), and are performed between 9 am and 7 pm EST.
In order to allow the radiologist time to adequately prepare for the consult, most consults are performed at least 2-3 days after ordering.
You can ask anything! We want you to leave the consult with all of your questions answered.
Most consults last 30-45 minutes.
The consult interface works on all types of computers. We recommend that you use a computer with a larger screen to help best see the imaging.
The uploading process and consults are performed on private and secure HIPAA compliant interfaces. Please see our Notice of Privacy Practices.
Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina, and Indiana.
We offer the service in states where the radiologist has a license to practice medicine. We are currently expanding to other states.  Are you in another state? Please contact us here
A radiologist is an imaging doctor trained to interpret radiology exams. Radiologists have completed 4 years of medical school, an intern year, 4 years of radiology residency, and in many cases, additional fellowship training.