Providing ONLINE SECOND OPINION CONSULTS where you can see your imaging and discuss it FACE-TO-FACE with our physician so that you

  • Know that your images have been interpreted correctly
  • Understand what the results mean to you given your unique symptoms and medical history
  • Are empowered to best make choices about your health care with your treating physician

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Meet our Radiologist, Rourke Stay, MD

Dr. Stay is a practicing radiologist who is board certified by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) and is well versed in all aspects of diagnostic imaging. He has performed hundreds of expert consultations with patients and physicians in multiple patient care settings.


  • I went for a bone scan because of chronic pain in my right foot, but I never got a great feel for the results from my doctor. I contacted Lightbulb Radiology and now I not only understand what the test showed, but I understand my condition a lot better too…

    Ben S. Montgomery, AL
  • Dr. Stay and Lightbulb Radiology far exceeded our expectations! My family and I are so grateful for having the piece of mind that comes with a thorough second opinion. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone who has questions about their exam.

    Elizabeth L. Atlanta, GA